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City : Semarapura
Width Area : 315 Km2
Subdistrics :
1. Banjarankan
2. Klungkung
3. Dawan
4. Nusa Penida

Mayor : I Wayan Candra, SH, MH,MBA,MBL
Vice Mayor : Ngakan Putu Gede Bawa
Office : Jl. Surapati - Semarapura
Web Address :

Klungkung location

Klungkung is of the smallest in Bali Province, but it has potential tourism aspect to developed. Based on the decree of the Governor of Bali Province on 1993 number 528, Nusa Penida in one of with also fixed as a tourist resort in Bali. And then base of the Regency of Klungkung Government on 1996 decree number 284 there are 18 tourist object in the regency inclusive Nusa Penida. The following are slight description of 18 tourist objects as mentioned above and some tourist object that to interesting. The Antiquities are hitherto conserved well. “Taman Gili” is well known as “Floating-Pavillion” is surrounded with pond of lotus, representing an islet of spiendeur with an ocean around. This edifice was serve as a place to entertain prominent guests that come before the king. The specific charms of the three edifices beside as the historical remmants of Klungkung Kingdom in wonderful ornaments, as the ceilings of the both buildings (the Court-Hall and the Floating-Pavillion) are adorned in traditional paintings of Kamasan reflecting the phylosophy of Hinduistic culture. The Floating-Pavillion in Balinese traditional architecture was erected on a huge turtle statue surrounded with a half metre high brick hedge, on which lined with Deity a story of Pemuteran Mandara Giri. The Dewa or dieties on one side were water for life blessing. It is in reality a symbolical story on the stabilisation of the earth with all life on it. The object is now frequented daily by tourists both foreign and domestic

Home industries
Crafting / Diligence Gong is one of pre-eminent product of Regency of Klungkung. Which the centre it production Tihingan village about 3 km from Semarapura town up west. In Tihingan village noted 45 units of effort crafting / diligence of Gong permeating 252 employees with investment value each reach Rp. 280.000.000,- and its production rate reach RP. 38.272.500.000,-.

Crafting / Diligence of Wood start to expand Nyalian village in the form of statue, antique Asmat box and while Akah village expand wood crafting / diligence in the form of animal statue espeially bird.

Crafting / Diligence of Traditional Painting of Kamasan is one of pre-eminent product of Regency Klungkung. It centre production located in Kamasan village, about 2 km southern town of Semarapura. There are 208 units traditional effort, use 369 employees, with investment equal to Rp. 68.951.000,- and its production rate reach Rp. 6.108.300.000,-.

Crafting / Diligence of Brass expand in Regency of Klungkung. Kelongsongan of Bullet is one of Crafting / diligence of brass expanding Kamasan village. Unit of its effort as much 6 units, permeating labour as much 39 employees, with investment equal to Rp. 47.062.000,- and its production rate reach 551.250.000,-. Others expand also crafting / diligence of brass in the form of dream ball (Bola Mimpi) and equipments of ceremony in Budaga Village.

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