Senin, 27 Juli 2009

The Rhythms of Morning at Pantai Kelan

pantai-kelanIf you’re a seafood lover and have been to Bali, you have certainly heard of Kedonganan and Jimbaran, Kuta.

These two beaches, world famous as culinary tourism destinations focused on first-rate seafood served at an exotic venue with white sand beaches, are packed every afternoon and long into the evening.

But a bit further to the north is another beach that is equally interesting, Pantai Kelan. It’s just south of Ngurah Rai International Airport and only around 15 minutes from Kuta, but not so well known by tourists’– yet.

fish-in-pantai-kelanI decided to visit Kelan beach because I had heard that it is different from Kedonganan or Jimbaran Kuta, in that it’s busiest in the morning, when the fishermen’s activities are at their peak.

At this hour, the beach is full of fishermen involved in their work, equipped with their fishing boats, nets, and the fishing mentality. The beach itself is lovely and serene, with white sand; the nearby fish market is a bit more rowdy.

Far off on the horizon are rows of fishing boats waiting their turn to come in and unload their catch, or preparing to set out again to sea. Several smaller boats can be seen returning after a night at sea to dock along the coast; when they stop, people come from the shore to bear off the catch and carry away the engines; others then drag the boats onto the shore. Next, the women remove the fish from the nets one by one and lay them on blocks of ice to keep fresh.

All along the beach, one sees women walking back and forth, selling freshly caught fish from buckets they carry on their heads, stopping now and then to make a sale.

The catches from the bigger boats, which are based in several islands in Indonesia, are taken directly to the market for sale. Many varieties are available – red snapper, tuna, grouper, lobster – you name it. Buyers include the public and the owners of those seafood restaurants down the coast in Kedonganan and Jimbaran Kuta.

the-catchesAs one of the many beaches in the Kuta area, Pantai Kelan is a perfect place to visit to see the genuine atmosphere of everyday morning life in Bali – and superbly fresh seafood!

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