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City : Tabanan
Width Area : 839,30 Km2
Subdistrics :
1. Baturiti
2. Penebel
3. Pupuan
4. Marga
5. Selemadeg
6. Kerambitan
7. Tabanan
8. Kediri
9. Selemadeg Barat
10. Selamadeg Timur

Mayor : N Adi Wiryatama
Vice Mayor : Ir. GG. Putra Wirasana
Office : Jl. Pahlawan No.19 - Tabanan
Web Address :

Tabanan location

Tabanan regency is one of 8 districts/1 city which have agriculture characteristic, with width of the area about 893.33 km² (19.9% from width of Bali island). Administratively Tabanan regency divided into 8 subdistricts, 10 administrative villages, 103 villages, 663 sub-villages, 663 environments, and 374,129 people with rate of growth 0.71%.

As agriculture area, so agriculture become the mean of livelihood of the people namely about 50.16%, while commercial sector, hotel and restaurant are the second of mean of livelihood about 15.6%, and others is done in household industrial about 11.27% and services sector about 10.93%.

Geographically Tabanan regency has strategic position because it located between Badung Regency in the east and Buleleng Regency in the north, Jembrana Regency in the west and Indonesian ocean in the south.

This regency is also has some potencial tourism object like Tanah Lot Temple and it Beach, Klating Beach, Soka Beach, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton and other objects that potencial to be developed.

Home Industries
With nature and human resources which belong to this regency, tires to increase the properity life of people continuously. It is proved from the increase of the original income of this regency about 10,147 billion in 1999 become 10,665 billion in 2000 (in 9 month) and in this year 2001 is estimated about Rp. 21,092 billion. While the income of percapita in 1999 reaches more hat 3.70 billion and in the year of 2000 is estimated more than 4.12 billion.

Beside it rely on the income agriculture and tourism sector, Tabanan regency also rely on small industry and handicraft sector. While in the year of 2000 there are 154 units of industries sector such as ceramic, iron/metal crafting, wood carving, coconut shell, plating and textile.

Ceramic ceramic crafting / diligence is commodity of pledge Regency of this industrial in Tabanan expand in Pejaten village, sub-district Kediri, Regency of Tabanan ± 12 km southern side of Tabanan.

Before ceramic crafting was developed, begin with industrial of processing / gerabah of yielded product like : periok, belanga, other kithcen equipments. Progressively in fasting of development with technological growth of crafting / diligence its gerabah products is multivarious progressively the artistic goods manner like wall decoration and garden statue. Constructively the ceramic combustion stove from Royal Goverment of intensive constuction and Ducth of industrial BIPIK Bali Province minimize / ceramic crafting / diligence expand fast enough with product yielded in the form of snugly flower, tea set, dinner set and the other artistic goods.
With inwrought quality management applying, adequate equipments and the skillful energy, product marketing of crafting / diligence own by Pejaten village have penetrated marketing export like : Australian, Dutch, American, etc.
Sum up ceramic worker in Pejaten village there is 7 Units of effort, absorbently is labour 122 people and production rate of per year Rp. 1,215,000,000,-.

Crafting / Diligence of Metal Iron Product of other pledge besides ceramic is also crafting from iron. Regency Tabanan represent biggest sentra of crafting / diligence of iron in area of Bali because almost of entire / all product of crafting / diligence of iron which export from Bali supplied by worker of iron from Regency of Tabanan. Beginning is crafting / diligence of this iron developed in Regency of Badung.
Supported by Bali as the biggest tourism target in Indonesia this product developed very fastly almost all of Tabanan area. Kinds of production which produced such as : candle-stick, lamp shade, chair, desk, snugly the flower, figura and various other artistic goods. Through market development which innovation and creative crafting / diligence of iron have been able to access the special market of the world like United States, Germany, English, Australian and others. Sum of iron crafting in Regency Tabanan reach 77 units of effort with has used 4.500 employees.

Crafring / Diligence of Wood which is developed in Regency of Tabanan is traditional woodcarving, meubel of wood and some type of other wood product. In beginning this product was produced to satisfy household need like desk, chair, window cushion, expostulate, door carve and others, but in its growth until this time has risen decoration products such as “Pop Art” like Asmat statue, mask and others.
With supported by raw material in the form of wood of Albesia which is quite a lot, expected by crafting / diligence of wood for the frieze can expand better in the future. Industrial potency of crafting / diligence of wood specially for frieze of there are in Apuan village subdistrict of Baturiti, Selanbawak village of Subdistrict of Marga, Kukuh village subdistrict of Marga, administrative village of Dajan Peken of Subdistrict of Tabanan and others.

Besides crafting / diligence of the wood above in Regency of Tabanan also expand crafting / diligence of wood for toys of children which is marketed to Japan, Phipine and domestic. Where location from the crafting / dilegence in Gubug Village Subdistrict of Tabanan.

Crafting / Diligence of Shell relatively is a new crafting in Regency of Tabanan. The special product of this crafting such as candle-stick, pot, cup, spoon and others. Marketing area almost for the export marketing with the target of state like Japan, Australian, United State and others.
As agriculture area with the coconut result which is quite a lot representative very good potency in providing of raw material of shell crafting / diligence. Employees are hoped to make product with use nature and human resources. The potency of shell crafting in Regency of Tabanan is Pujungan village, Subdistrict Pupua, Rejasa village, Sub district Penebel, Gubug village, Sub district Tabanan, Pangkungkarung village, Sub district Kerambitan, Batannyuh village, Sub district Marga, with unit among of effort as much 6 units and permeate labour as much 180 people.

Matting Industrial of crafting / diligence of matting expanding in Regency of Tabanan for example bamboo matting, matting throw, screw pine matting, paper telek, matting or ate and others. Crafting / diligence of matting which in the beginning of it’s products is used for religious ceremony and traditional needs and now has developed become export commodity specially to Japan, which is form of matting of screw pine with product yielded by like bag, place tissue, trahs and others. Potency of matting product of screw pine there are in Gubug village, Sub district Tabanan. Matting throw located in Tanah Pegat sub-village, Gubug Village, Sub district Tabanan, permeating labour as much 40 employees, with especial product in the form of place of sesajen for ritual. While for matting of paper of telek located in Kerambitan village, Sub district of Kerambitan with the form of it product decoration of wall and desk frieze.

Potency of Crafting / Diligence Knit in Regency Tabanan located in Pujungan village, Batungsel village, Sanda village, Sub district Pupuan, Riang Gede village, Sub district Penebel with unit of effort amounting to 4 units is effort and the labour permeated by as much 1200 employees.

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