Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

Getting Around

. There are many tour operators who organize day trips by air-conditioned bus. The quality of the service is usually quite good, but rather expensive (prices start at US$ 25 per person). You will also find out that shopping usually occupies a prominent position in the schedule.

Public transport. Bali is infested with little green minibuses. These bemos, as they are called, service fixed routes. You always pay the same amount (Rp 500), whether you go all the way or get off two minutes later. But be careful, because bemos are infamous for overcharging tourists.

Rental car. Because of intense competition among rental car companies, prices are lower than anywhere else on this planet. Surprisingly, there are only two models available: the Jimny, and the somewhat larger Kijang. If you plan to bring some luggage or more than four people, the Kijang is the only realistic choice. Do not pay more than US$ 20 per day for a new and fully insured Jimny. The maximum price for a Kijang is US$ 20 per day. Gasoline is very cheap, (US$ 0.25 per liter), and there are many petrol stations. It is quite cheap to rent a driver (US$ 10-15 per day). The more adventurous among us may consider self-drive. If you're not sure of yourself, don't do this. Traffic in Bali is notorious, even in other parts of Indonesia.

Taxi. Taxis are widely available, good, and very cheap. A 30 minutes drive from the airport to Denpasar would cost you less than US$ 3! The best and most popular taxis are the blue cabs from Bali Taxi (0361-701111) and the orange ones from Praja Taxi (0361-289090). Most taxi drivers speak a few words of English and are quite helpful. Always ask the driver to use the meter, except on the airport where prices are fixed.

Motorcycle / bicycle. We can be brief about this mode of transportation: don't. Rat poison is safer.

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