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Bali Shopping

Shopping in Bali can offer excellent bargains, and best buys include modern artwork, leather goods, casual summer clothing, shoes, jeans, CDs, T-shirts, furniture and pottery as well as knick-knacks.

For those who do not want to wander too far from the beach, Sanur, Kuta and Legian have more than enough to appease any shopper's withdrawal symptoms. From sarongs to sandals, wooden statues to Javanese puppets, silver to surf boards.

Two good department stores serve the local community at Denpasar. Jl Gajah Mada has many handicraft and souvenir shops that stock similar items to those found elsewhere on the island.

Galeria Nusa Dua offers the whole range of Balinese goods in one complex, free from the hassle of street vendors.

Ubud is the place to go if you want to take home a unique canvas or two. For more items, please see list below:
  • Antiques - Batubulan
  • Art - Ubud
  • Bamboo - Bona
  • Ceramics - Campuhan, Kapal, Tabanan
  • Clothes - Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud
  • Jewellery - Celuk, Denpasar - Jalan Hasanuddin
  • Masks - Singapadu
  • Music - Kuta, Legian
  • Puppets - Klungkung, Sukawati, Gianyar
  • Stone carving - Batubulan, Jimbaran Gallery
  • Textiles - Sidemen, Kampunggelgel, Klungkung Market, Batuan, Negara, Singaraja, Tampaksiring, Peliatan, Denpasar - Jalan Sulawesi
  • Toys - Mas, Tampaksiring, Peliatan
  • Wood carvings - Mas, Kemenuh, Buruan, Tegallalang, Pujung, Nyuh-kuning

Traditional Markets

Bali is known as a treasure house of interesting goods to buy. Products of various kinds from traditional antiques to the latest quality fashions in extraordinary displays await the shoppers. It is quite common to bargain in markets, shops and art shops for buyers, so having a good price is partly dependent upon one's smartness in bargaining. Splendid local hand woven materials, silver and gold works, woodcarvings, garments and many other interesting things can be found at any market or art market. You will find that shops selling similar items are generally grouped together. This makes comparing prices easy as you just have to go next shop to find the something. Remember to bring your cash, as not all places accept credit cards.

The Kumbasari Market near the river gives an interesting overview of an Indonesia market with household wares and clothing on the third level, spices and dried goods on the second level and traditional market in the basement.It can be a bit dark in the basement. Nearby is Jalan Hasanuddin, a whole street of gold shops, selling 18-22 carat gold jewelry. Not far away from jalan Hasanuddin is jalan Sulawesi where all manner of fabrics are available. The whole street consists of fabric stores on both sides with a few household ware stores in between.

Kuta Art Market has a multitude of shops selling a wide variety of goods including, sarongs, handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, furniture and leather goods. You can find some good pieces if you look carefully and smart bargain.

Sanur's main shopping street is Jalan Danau Tamblingan and it is more peaceful then shopping in Kuta. Sanur has an interesting variety of shops with lots of nice restaurants.There are still a few hawkers but they are not as aggressive, except at the beach market. You can find woodcarvings, sarongs and other handicrafts in Sanur Art Market.

Sukawati has a new art market and a traditional market on the main road and side streets. Set in a two-floor building, the market sells everything from statues to dance costumes, all at reasonable prices. A large assortment of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colorful "Prada" - gold painted cloth. These include dance costumes, fans, umbrellas and clothes worn at tooth filings and weddings. Bargaining is a must.

The area of Ubud often regarded as the cultural center of Bali. It is where the image of Bali as a land of artists was created. Ubud gives you the opportunity to see the real Bali. The Ubud Market has kept much of its traditional charm, with squatting Balinese sellers haggling loudly among spices and vegetables. The market also sells handicrafts, many made in the neighboring villages of Mas, Tegalalang, and more.


Bali is also a place to shop for a variety of goods. You can easily select your needs, varying from branded perfume to tool kits in a shopping mall. Your shopping sense will be satisfied with great discounts on designer labels in malls scattered in and around Kuta and Denpasar.

Matahari Department Stores

Matahari Department Stores offer various outlets of branded perfumes and cosmetics such as Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Revlon and the free-animal testing products of Body Shop. You can find women's fashion ranging from T-shirts to party gowns, collections for babies and children, including toys and a myriad of colorful fashions, are sorted according to ages. Lea, Tira and Wrangler jeans and T-shirt are found in the men's fashion section, besides formal shirts from Arrow and Charles Jourdan. You also can find shoes, household needs like ceramic plates or electronics or original VCDs and CDs. The Matahari supermarket boasts the lowest prices for fruits.

You can find Matahari Department Stores at: Matahari Duta Plaza, Denpasar, 237-364; Galeria Nusa Dua; Bali Mal Galeria, Kuta, 758-875
, Matahari Kuta Square and Matahari Legian.

Bali Mal Galeria Kuta

A two-level shopping center with a large range of items from sporting goods in Nike and Adidas outlets, home appliances, fashion apparel for men and women in Mark & Spencer and Polo, to Osh Kosh B'Gosh kids collections. Visitors also can have beauty services at hair salons.

Bali Mal Galeria is also the island's best place to browse books. In the largest Gramedia bookshop on Bali, stationery, office equipment, imported books, international magazines, novels and best sellers are offered. Periplus Publishers' bookstore offers a wide variety of books on hobbies, recipes, travel, history, politics, Indonesia and culture. There also are book corners for women and kids.

A shaded garden in the mall's center caters to tired shoppers or non-shopping spouses, and for nourishment, there's the second floor food court. The Duty Free Shop, Planet Hollywood and 21 Cinema are within walking distance Galeria Nusa Dua.

Galeria Nusa Dua

Galeria Nusa Dua is a huge open air shopping mall with the stores has mostly fixed priced selling high quality items nestled in the heart of lavish hotels. This shopping complex is set in a relaxing and environmentally friendly atmosphere. The shops are scattered over a 17-hectare area so one can browse 150 boutique, souvenir and handicrafts shops by strolling along the shaded mall. One finds outlets for designer's labels from Prada, Giorgio Armani, Versace and Calvin Klein.

In Batik Keris Gallery, many outlets for fine jewelry and onyx souvenirs to scores of first class batik, ikat and handicraft items are priced in rupiah. The Tragia Department Store caters to daily needs and at the Duty Free Shops, for those leaving the country, there are classy tax-free items.

Within the complex, a selection of 30 restaurants offer Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indonesian and international fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shuttle bus service is available for shoppers staying within the Nusa Dua complex.

Ramayana Bali Mal

Ramayana Bali Mal is on one of Denpasar's busiest streets. Opened five years ago as the first mall in Denpasar, the three-level structure has many fashion selections at reasonable prices. Here, you have Wendy's Hamburgers, Dunkin' Donuts, Pizza Hut, Excelso Cafe, All You Can Eat Hartz Chicken and a food court.

The fashion section, which presents both local and branded labels. Select men's or women's wear along with accessories, shoes, bags and lingerie. Pick music cassettes, original CDs, VCDs and DVDs. The Gunung Agung bookstore features stationery, some imported books and office equipment.

Shopping Galleries

Bali is known as a treasure-house of interesting goods, splendid local hand woven materials, silver and gold works, wood carvings and many other handicrafts in attractive displays.

Agung Rai Gallery Jl. Raya Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar Ubud Phone: 975449
Representing a community of artists, this gallery offers paintings of some of Indonesia's best young artists.

Andy's Gallery Jl. Raya Br. Taman Kerobokan No. 15 Kuta
Offers an eclectic mix of furniture and carvings nicely displayed on two levels. Includes both antique and reproduction furniture. Has an attractive wedding chest.

Galeri Keris Galleria Nusa Dua Phone: 771303
Open daily 9am - 10pm. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your arts and crafts needs, this is the place to visit. Also known as the Indonesian Handicraft Centre and Department Store, Galeri Keris has a wide selection of arts, crafts, and clothes that make inexpensive and fun gifts. A good place to kill a half hour checking out prices and choices.

Asmat Kamoro Jl. Patih Jelantik 175 Kuta Phone: 755-625
Located on the corner near Jl. Majapahit, you can't miss this shop; it has a character of its own. This very crowded and cramped shop specializes in tribal artifacts from Irian Jaya. While you can find lots of junk here, if you dig enough, you may find an occasional treasure. Look for long carved Asmat poles, shields, drums, penis sheaths, axes, and bows and arrows.

Bamboo Gallery Main Road Ubud Phone: 975037
Representing many of Bali's most promising young artists, this gallery is less traditional and more innovative than most other galleries in Bali.

Window Shopping

Shopping is probably a thing that you're not to be missed. Bali is known as a treasure-house of interesting goods, splendid local hand woven materials, silver and gold works, wood carvings, garments and many other handicrafts in attractive displays await shoppers.

It is common to bargain in markets, shops and art shops so having good price is partly depended on one's smartness in bargaining and must be new experience for certain buyers. On most department stores in Bali, prices are tagged and fixed. Major credit cards are accepted. However, in smaller shops, bargaining is required and pay in cash is common.

Kuta / Legian / Seminyak
The main road in Kuta has a multitude of shops and restaurants on each side selling a wide variety of goods including swimwear, sarongs, handicrafts, cassette's, CD's, jewelry, clothing furniture and leather goods. There are many street hawkers selling watches, transport and bracelets. If you don't want to buy, don't make any contact to them.

Kuta has some department stores and shopping centres where the prices are fixed, try Kuta Square and Kuta Centre located very close to each other in Jalan Kartika Plaza.

The upper end of Legian Street from Seminyak to Kerobokan has turned into an enclave of boutiques specializing in men's and ladies clothing, interior and homewares stores, antiques, furniture and some interesting deli's and warungs.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua has a small market at the entrance way to Nusa Dua where you can still find some bargains. The main shopping complex is the Galleria with a variety of restaurants and stores. There are Tragia supermarket and department stores and also Keris Gallery. The stores have mostly fixed price selling high quality items.

The capital of Bali is not generally a tourist area but there are a few main areas worth checking out. Denpasar has a large selection of department stores, like Matahari, Libi, Rimo, New Dewata Ayu, Tiara Dewata, Ramayana or Tragia. Supermarkets are located within the areas of most of these department stores. If you are looking for handicrafts there are quite a few shops in Jalan Gajah Mada selling similar items to those seen in Kuta.

The Bypass
Proceeding the main road or the by pass from Nusa Dua to Sanur you will see on either side of the road, many pottery, wrought iron and furniture stores. You can find some good pieces if you look carefully and smart bargain.

Batubulan is renowned for stone carvings. Traditionally, stone sculptures carved from soft volcanic rock called paras were used to adorn temples and palaces but recently they are sold for export as well. The craftsmen can make practically anything you request.

Continuing on the road to Ubud, you will pass through Celuk, home of silver and gold artisans. Huge stores house a wide variety of all types of intricately designed pieces. The silver filigree work is quite amazing. If you can go off the main road into the village where the craftsmen work and live you will get better prices.

Bona is a village known for bamboo growing and goods produced from bamboo such as furniture and mats. The villagers also produce goods made of lontar leaves.

Home of woodcarvers, this village and nearby villages specialize in the carving of soft wood figures. Brightly painted flowers, frogs, fruits and animal figures feature heavily.

Duty Free Shopping

Plaza Bali and DFS have duty free shopping outlets in Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and the airport in Bali.

They have a wide range of designer label boutiques. Bare in mind some products in Indonesia don't have a high duty, such as cigarettes.

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