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City : Amlapura
Width Area : 839,54 Km2
Kecamatan :
1. Kubu
2. Rendang
3. Abang
4. Sidemen
5. Selat
6. Bebandem
7. Karangasem
8. Manggis

Mayor : Drs, I Gede Sumantara Ady Pratama
Vice Mayor : Drs, I Gusti Putu Widjera
Office : Jl. Ngurah Rai - Karangasem
Web Address :

Karangasem location

Regency of Karangasem with Amlapura as central town is one of the 9 Regencies / town which located in Eastern of Bali island. This regional bill broadly 839.54 km² consists of 8 sub-districts : Karangasem, Manggis, Rendang, Selat, Sidemen, Abang, and Kubu divided into 71 administrative village residented by 369,320 people, has tropical climate wih exotic natue view.

Special uniqueness name “Mutiara dari Timur” with prediction become a new machine other growth in Bali specially the tourism area, small industry area, dry farming potency, black gold-min and also artistic of its culture which is not risen in other location. The beautifull of coastal terrace field is an inheritance archaeology, and the existence of old village of Baliaga Tenganan nowadays is hunted by both domestic and foreign tourist. Access transportation whic relative close to capital provincy and penetrable fluent enough direct to Airport of Ngurah Rai Denpasar to the East, and entrance through Port of Padangbai.

Home Industries
Matting Bamboo expand in Karangasem a lot of them utilized to daily need like basket, kettle, gedeg and other but nowadays develop into artistic consumption of interior like place of fruit, bokor, latern, trash etc. A lot of permeated for the sake of hotel and restaurant.

Sentra of this crafting / diligence expand Tista village, Tiing Tali village, Sinduwati village, Pempatan village, Selat village, Budakeling village, and Bebandem village. Amounted about 616 units, permeating 665 employees. The capacities production per year reachs 57,907 unit with value Rp. 752,800,000,- with an aim of marketing export and local like Regency of Gianyar.

Matting Lontar manuscript of such palm in the begining is expanded initially only as a medium to covers “Bebanten” referred Sabb Gore in Culik village Abang sub-district. The other side use young coconut leaf named “Saab Sari” develop in Karangasem administrative village. Along the tourism growth, this matting expand according ot request like bag, ornament box, place tissues etc. Theere are about 195 units efforts with 48 employees, capacities production per 73,125 units, with value Rp. 292,500,000,- with regional market compartment like Regency of Gianyar and Badung, beside there is aldo exported.

Crafting / Diligence Matting of Ata us recognized first time is Gumung subvillage, Tenganan of Manggis in the form of shield for tradition of ‘Megeret Pandan’ secret attraction performed once a year related to procession of Ceremony of Aci Sambah. Expand continously to become other form like bag, box, bokor, run, place of tissue, etc liked by tourist. Up to now type of this matting a lot of rounding into fulcrums of subistence of citizen like Bungaya, Bebandem, Seraya and the other places. There are not less about 3,937 units of efforts permeating about 5.637 employees with capacities of production reach 165,660 units with value about 8,283,000,-

Crafting / Diligence Wood the ability in making statue of wood rapidly growth in Karangasem almost flatten the totality Karangasem a of kind of product, desk, cushion, chair, window, form “Port Art”, other like cat statue, tulip, primitive statue with raw material of wood albesia. Expanding in Rendang, Muncan, Nyuh Tebel, Tianyar etc. The center of unit effort of this type not less 272 units, permeated 1.100 employees which production per year about 37,842 valuable reach Rp. 1,234,500,000,-.

Matting of Screw Pine type of enviromental friendly matting exploit local potency of tree of this screw pine even nowadays expand and can be able to penetrated compartment of market export and local. Production of this matting is designed in the form of artistic masterpiece of bag, place tissue, map, purse, slipper, pallet of glass with centre area in Tumbu village, subdistrict of Karangasem. Has notice that the amount of unit this effort about 451 units, permeated 480 employees, with capacities of production 105,000 values range about Rp. 525,000,000,-

Sibetan is centre of Salak (skin snack fruit) commodities center that nowadays become to agro-tourism area supported by beautiful view in hamle Moding top. Here also can be witnessed traditional conservation of salak at one blow can enjoy this production and bring it home as souvenir.

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