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City : Negara
Width Area : 841,80 Km2
Subdistricts :
1. Melaya
2. Mendoyo
3. Pekutatan
4. Negara

Mayor : Prof.Dr.drg Gede Winasa
Vice Mayor : Ir. Ketut Suania
Office : Jl. Surapati No.1 - Negara
Web Address :

Jembrana location

Regency of Jembrana is located in the western of Bali, consists of 4 subdistricts, divided into 51 villages/administrative villages(desa/kelurahan). This area covers more or less then 841.8km² with more less than 220,000 people its density 261 people of every km.
Especially living of its society is agricultural sector like rice, water melon, vanilla, clove, buffalo, ox, chicken, fish of lemuru and prawn windu.
The potency supported by crafting / diligence and industry like canning fish, coconut coir, knit and garment, weave cagcag, bamboo matting, palm leaf and rib, (crafting / diligence) of shell of coconut, wood carving and others having wide market compartment enough in and abroad.

Geographic Regency Of Jembrana have coastal area and the loaded mountain with very interesting tourism object supported by typical artistic of Jembrana in the form of Jegog besiege which is the no the others.

Home Industries
Weave Cagcag This commodity is one of pre-eminent commodity of Jembrana tha potensial enough and people widerly in rural. This production such as cloth, saputan(selendang), udeng(headband for man clan in Bai) that jacquards is the characteristic Jembrana regency, very artistic, and very enthused by society in Bali.
Sentra Weave Cagcag of Jembrana regency like in Sangkar Agung administrative village, Dauh Waru, Batu Agung, Dangin Tukad Daya, with 1458 units of effort, use 1458 employees, with local investation Rp 474,725,000,- production value Rp.3,997,260,000,- and material value Rp. 3,384,156,280.

Commodity of Wood Carving exist in almost around of Jembrana regency which production like : door of grave Bali, graven pelinggih (altar of Hindu people) Bali Sari Ukir.
This effort 350 employees with 62 units of effort, investation value about Rp. 86,702,000,- production value about Rp. 3,988,366,000,- value of raw material about Rp. 86,998,000,- It marketing also almost covers all of Bali area and even there is until in Java area.

Crafting Of Matting Bamboo. This activities are located in Tukad Daya and Warnasari village subdistrict of Melaya, Yeh Sumbul village, subdistrict of Mendoyo, Medewi village, subdistrict of Pekutatan, kinds of production such as : lamp shade, basket fruit, bag, bokoran etc. The effort used 106 employees, by 73 units of effort, value of investation about Rp.23,492,000,- value of production about Rp. 250,135,000,- and value of raw material Rp. 86,998,000,- its marketing beside in Bali also penetrate market export.

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