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City : Gianyar
Width Area : 368 Km2
Subdistrics :
1. Payangan
2. Tegallalang
3. Tampak Siring
4. Ubud
5. Gianyar
6. Sukawati
7. Blahbatuh

Mayor : A.A Gede Barata
Vice Mayor : I Dewa Putu Wardana,SH
Office : Jl. Ngurah Rai No.7 - Gianyar
Web Address :

Gianyar location

Demographic / Living Sum up resident(1999) as much 354.530 people, Men 180.760 people and woman 173.770 people. Sum up labor force 225.520 employees, living of dominant resident in industrial sector crafting / diligence, agriculture, commerce, and construction services.

Regency of Gianyar as the famous of artistic and high culture, has an interesting areas as a tourism areas, has nature view, mountain, beautiful coast, rest of ancient object and all kinds of product crafting / diligence yielded by skillful and creative hand motivated tourist / investors visit to Gianyar.

Astronomically located between 8º18’48” and 8º37’58 South latitude, 115º12’29” and 115º22’23” East longitude. Wide of continent 368km² or 36.800 ha (6.53% from wide of Bali Island) with Tropical climate, recognized by 2 season, that is the rains and dry. Average temperatures 26ºC with lowest temperature of 23ºC and highest 29ºC.

Home Industries
Gianyar As Crafting / Diligence center as center of development of design from solidarity between above matter and the science growth / technological expand design from classical / made contemporary until production made by raw material wood, servant, silver, palm leaf, bone with various animal type, human being with function as goods of decoration and article of furniture.

As Center Produce with existance of skilled man power and creative in number enough and supported by marketing center, entrepreneur / crafting able to produce various type of goods in number and complete in market local / global.

As Marketing Center predikat center aritsry, cultural, goods of crafting / diligence and others make famous Gianyar of the world and have multifier of very typical is inclusive of making Gianyar as center of marketing of crafting / diligence goods. Not merely local product, but also from outside the Bali area.

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