Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Facebook's Main Causes Divorce in America

Social networking sites have become part of daily lives. Beyond the benefits that facilitate communication, social networking sites is still one of the causes of divorce in the digital era. Based on a survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one in five divorces in the United States are caused by social network Facebook. Excerpted from The Frisky, 80 percent of divorce lawyers report surge in the number of cases that use social media as evidence of a partner's infidelity.

Most of the evidence that was shown photographs of intimate partner was the cause of strife. Other cases, many couples find and had an affair with their partners in the past. Networking site Facebook was ranked as the cause of the breakdown of households in the U.S. with 66 per cent is used as a source of evidence of a divorce case. Then followed with 15 percent of MySpace, Twitter and other 5 percent of 14 percent. The survey also found, as many as 20 per cent of divorce petitions in the UK blame Facebook as a venue for cheating spouse.

"The most common reason people easily make sexual conversations with people who are not supposed to be in social networking," said Mark Keenan, Managing Director of Divorce-Online. One of the celebrity divorce from Facebook is the star of 'Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria. She found her husband, basketball player Tony Parker kept in touch with a woman on Facebook. "All people share their personal things on social networking sites and open things that are sensitive to public space," Keenan added.

TerryReal marriage counselor adds, most people use the network to create a fantasy and escape from a boring relationship. "Nothing is more tempting to create a fantasy world until finally hooked to meet directly with the people you meet in cyberspace," he said. According to him, the real problem is not with social networking but the loss of love and affection in marriage.

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It is true; the real cause behind the divorce is the missing love and affection between the couple not the social sites. But if one has actually decided to get separated, divorce mediation is a better choice.

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