Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Mobile Homes and Their Advantages

by: Christina Xio
Mobile homes are the ones which are moveable and can be placed anywhere. People who love to explore different places and add to their experiences, it’s an idea thing. These homes are used quite widely in many countries. They are the ones with free hand to the owner to take them to any place they like. These are mostly used in United States and Israel. These are used in different weather conditions, they can be moved to some other places to avoid rainstorms, heavy snowfalls etc. these homes are lifted on the trucks and heavy machinery to take them to other places. Financing for these mobile homes can be very difficult to arrange. Most banks won’t finance these manufactured homes when there is no land included in the loan. There are some companies that specialize in mobile home loans and mobile home financing. They can finance and refinance mobile homes in parks. There are countries that allow the financing of these mobile homes.

The United States Department of Agriculture has rural development guaranteed loan and direct loan programs for low-income individuals living in small towns and rural areas who currently have inadequate housing. The restrictions on loans involving manufactured homes require that the unit be brand-new, located on a relatively small lot and sold to the new occupant as a package deal. The biggest problem with this program is that once the unit has been occupied, new buyers will not be able to qualify for the same type of loan, as the home is no longer new, making it difficult for the current occupant to "trade up" to a larger or better property. Once you have come up with a mobile home you can use it for either purpose. If you live in a place where there are rain storms and floods you can use this mobile home and can take it to somewhere that is safe.

Other than that these are pretty useful for companies and agencies that provide you with various services and products. You can put the stock in that mobile home and use it commercially for marketing and selling of your items. Also it adds to your safety, while a tornado, hurricanes or heavy winds might cause minor damage to a site-built home, it could do significant damage to a typical built home, especially an older model or one that is not properly secured. Also, structural components (such as windows) are typically weaker than those in site-built homes. 70 mile per hour or winds of more speed and intensity can destroy a mobile home in a matter of minutes. Many brands offer optional hurricane straps, which can be used to tie the home to anchors embedded in the ground. There are many companies who can design your mobile homes according to your want adding to your costs and also to the advantages. In a nutshell, these are multipurpose and efficient that has a lot of advantages and can ease your life.
source: articlecity.com

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