Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Soto Sokaraja

Soto is and Indonesian version of chicken soup.
It contains broth, veggie and chicken/beef.. some versions has fish, ribs or mutton.
throughout Indonesia, there are various type of soto, depends on the region it comes from and one another has different disctict taste, appearance or smell.
One special soto from my hometown is called Soto Sokaraja, Sokaraja itself is a tiny town nearby Purwokerto, and wellknown of several food.
The Soto is made of glass noodle, beansprout, shredded chicken and cruched colorful flour chips.
Then poured with hot broth, served with the famous sweet spicy peanut sauce, and eaten with more chips or fried chicken intestine/skin.
The famous place for Soto is located along Bank Street (Jalan Bank), thus the name is Soto Jalan Bank.
1 portion of soto c/w rice: 0.8USD
1 orange squeezed ice: 0.6USD
1 glass of dessert made of mil coconut, syrup, jelly and palm sugar ~ 0.6USD

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Radira mengatakan...

The article make me shock. LOL!

I like soto sokaraja too >.< It's very delicous with the peanut sauce in it.