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Developing Indonesia’s Cruise Ship Tourism

developing-indonesias-cruise-ship-tourismCruise ship tourism has an important role to play in the overall development of Indonesia’s tourism potential. Geographically, Indonesia’s extensive seas and the riches they contain, as well as the land (islands) the water surrounds, provide a strong basis for the expansion of cruise ship tourism.

The Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism is already trying to develop this potential, both through the promotional angle and through other efforts such as providing and upgrading the necessary infrastructure, in cooperation with expert consultants to provide a better focus on the development.

“We have been working on this continually for quite some time. We’ve been making efforts to develop this potential both continuously and consistently,” says Noviendi Makalam, acting Secretary General of the Department of Culture and Tourism.

From 17 to 22 November 2008, the Culture and Tourism Department held a Familiarization Trip by inviting a number of international cruise operators to observe the potential in several regions of Indonesia, specifically Central Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara. One featured event was a half-day workshop on the theme “Bali As a Turnaround Destination for Cruises”.

Bali is a strategic gateway to Indonesia, lying between Singapore and Sydney, making it an ideal location in the development of the cruise ship market (routes) to and from these two cities, and is also well prepared in terms of tourism facilities. The support provided in this regard has been the construction of the harbor at Benoa to meet international standards, which will clearly support development of travel to all the islands of Indonesia.

It was mentioned that, thanks in part to all the efforts by the central government, local governments, and all stakeholders concerned, the number of visits to Indonesia by international cruise ships has risen significantly over the past several years.

As the target for 2009, 15 international cruise ship companies (operators) have expressed interest in making Indonesia one of their destinations. They will transport passengers to visit 38 different destinations in the islands of Indonesia, from Jayapura in the far east to Belawan in the west.

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