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Enjoying Fun Fishing In Thousand Islands Region

pulau-seribuThousand Islands? Surely everyone knows the name of the Thousand Islands Tourism is not far from the capital. Tour the Thousand Islands, not just swimming at the beach, snorkeling or diving (diving). One of the thousand islands tourism activities we can do is fishing. This fishing can be just ‘killing time’ or to kill time and drive a sense of boredom, or both to deliver a hobby.

Fishing on the island of a thousand tourist areas or at sea, as opposed to when we are fishing in fresh water such as in lakes, reservoirs, ponds or ponds. Say not the same fishing pole, using a stick or ‘rod’ and equipment. But the use of fishing gear, if we are fishing in the sea we can only use when we are fishing at the pier.

If we are fishing in the sea, with fishing vessels (traditional boats) or fast boat (speedboat) is more fun if we did not use a stick or rod. Usually people when provoked into the middle of such terms or the island into the sea with a ship, do not use sticks, but only use strings just roll and it was certainly complete with hook and bait.

Fishing on the pier, the fish usually we can generally bloated, cendro and squid. Now, if we are fishing in the middle of the sea, we can get a fish like snapper, kuweh, grouper and other fish, depending on luck or fate alone.

Fun and cool fishing in tourist areas this a thousand islands, lies in when we are struck by a fish hook. We like to fight with the fish. We have smart and interesting in order to gain the fish that have been in front of the eyes, can not be separated because of our teaser break.

Location is another fun when we do not have fish as our next partner could continue. Here we are more curious to get a fish. Although we are experts, if luck was not taking sides, not necessarily lure us will be struck or eaten by fish.

To be fishing on the island of a thousand tourist areas, many ways we can do. We can depart from Pulau Muara Angke to the Boy Scouts, or the Coconut Grill. Tariff traditional transport ship, not too expensive. Only around Rp 30,000 to Rp 35,000.

When he arrived at these islands, we just choose, fishing on the dock or out to sea. If we chose to sea fishing, we can hire a fishing boat at a rate of about Rp 100,000 depending on our smart negotiating.

If we still do not understand the lay or fishing, no one we asked for help the fishermen to teach us. There are advantages if we rented the boat because we could be told the place or location of many fish fishing. We can also hire a trainer of fish, but fishermen who rent the boat we know where the location of many fish fishing.

Fishing pole, can we buy in stores that sell fishing. Equipment that we buy we can adjust our financial ability. No need of expensive fishing equipment to fishing. So, what are you waiting?

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