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Kinds of jewelry cultural version of java indonesia

Kinds of jewelry cultural version of java indonesia

In indonesia,
particularly java region typically connect with the globe of all things
mystical /
supernatural, this is often as a result of cultural traditions are terribly robust in

here are categories of the cultural treasures of java in indonesia

• agate

carnelian will facilitate with problems of physical and emotional
temperament. the legend says that users are protected from the hazards of
carnelian and bless the wearer with courage. carnelian is believed to cure
insomnia disease (severe insomnia), providing a lovely dream and facilitate balance
the body. kinds of agate with the ability to :
moss agate : improving the relationship with the natural environment. inexperienced moss
helps to eliminate toxins within the blood and balance the emotional energy. red
moss helps to purify the blood and increase stamina.
tree agate : introspection clearly facilitate to ascertain the globe through a broader
perspective and to scale back fever and toxicity
agate line / band : facilitate pull the power, a feeling, not enough strength and
courage to beat
agate / interwoven : overcoming the despair and depression, caused excitement
and muscle tension and spasms. blue agate helps the body fluids offer peace
of emotional balance.
agate is sort of a spring bird : strengthening the blood vessels and overcome
anxiety for no apparent reason. useful in reducing anxiety in hunting or
driving directions
carnelian beads : additional protection against traveler / wanderer, an
adventurer of the stone
carnelian eyes : defend from harm to the body and take away negative thoughts
agate dendrites : the balancing of blood sugar levels. it is that the cornerstone of
the adventurers to the safety and strength to ensure
carnelian india :
to administer physical strength to beat insecurities / no peace and the
elimination of physical and mental weaknesses
botswana agate : coping with the uncertainty of the direction and personal goals

• alexandrite

alexandrite will facilitate folks trot
out ourselves to improve
trust and increase your ability to feel happiness. in russia,
alexandrite is to wear sensible sign is believed. alexandrite is additionally the sexual
potency, and it isn't enough to beat a feeling of love in their lives.

• amethyst

used to the strength of the internal / spiritual and
intuitive person to increase supervision. conjointly used to relieve headaches.
in line with legend, use the amethyst or drinking from the cup it'll prevent

• aquamarine

aquamarine is typically used for sensible life and merciful love.
it's said to relieve depression and sadness. it is additionally believed to feel the
love at couples who were married longer and facilitate to bring new friends.
in line with legend, aquamarine as earrings / stud earrings and love to bring
sensible influence worn. alternative uses are for the eye / vision to assist, therefore ensuring
the retention of body fluids and also the safe passage through the ocean.

• blood stone

his main tool is to stimulate the flow of energy healing for
all, combating of trauma, removal of restrictions and emotions stimulate the
circulation. bloodstone is believed to be during a position to prevent the bleeding
simply by touch. additionally to its role in ancient medication within the blood
stone is additionally used to feature insight into the worldview of a man. within the middle
ages, bloodstone is believed to be someone thing special, as a result of the power points
/ red stains on the stone than the blood of jesus christ (jesus christ).

• carnelian

carnelian used to the mind (not during a position to ascertain the
reality) is clear. suitable increase of balancing the method of thought and
creativity and also the level / energy level. round the year 1700, carnelian is to
force protection, happiness and comfort. within the year 1800 is able carnelian
want as human beings, the courage to assist talk.

• chrysoprase

chrysoprase is typically used for the protection of intellectual
and overcome mental fatigue / emotional. typically brought up because the stone of
victoria ("victory stone" refers. ) in 1800, chrysoprase is said to
facilitate thieves are lost sight of (invisible). alternative properties that strengthen the
heart and eyes helps to focus at work, stop nightmares, drive out demons
and eliminate the clutter of the mind. the stone is additionally used by folks who use
lots of work with the brain (author, composer).

• citrine

citrine is to assist folks connect with the spirit / mind
helps the assimilation of food to assist folks who don't communicate openly and
will the event of peace of mind.

• diamond

diamond, the quality of the self and also the ability to see
things clearly each positive and negative, direct and honest. conjointly in
overcoming the sense of security materially instability. the quality of the
stone, the higher the power accessories. it could be a symbol of courage is not
invincible. hindus believe that the diamond isn't of sensible quality or with a patch
that brings misfortune to raise / take away batara indra from the best place in
heaven. currently, most diamonds poor quality (eg poor color), still used for
industrial purposes.

• emerald

emerald is employed for emotional healing and is exceeded physics
in neurological diseases and lack of perception and inner clarity. in persia
and her said, "whoever has that charm of such a special protection is
given by god. " in line with legend, the emerald is that the memory of the owner
to assist the speed of mind and creativity, and predict the longer term increase.

• garnet

diseases of the thyroid gland in balance, overcoming the
lack of tolerance toward others, that have the hardness of the guts and
feelings aren't enough popularity.

• gold stone

goldstone will offer additional protection against traveler
/ hiker. and "one of the adventurers stones.

• jade

jade is said to be serving to somebody to relax and wise.
described as a rock to assist with a really sensible balance, somebody to focus the mind
and not overcome the shortage of action and thought practicable. jade is the
essence of love, valued as a special stone. it's a few of the secrets of
justice is believed to be included within the body. legend has it that spanish
explorers in central america, the talisman of the jade
used for the prevention and cure hip and kidney. different uses for health to
improve the healing of vital organs. inexperienced jade will relieve digestive
disorders, liver function and to cut back harm to the eye. red jade femininity
helps within the fight against disease, particularly within the organic content

• jasper

jasper will chase away evil spirits and bites to protect
against snakes and spiders. of health, jasper facilitate work the healing method of
gastric ulcer, the balance of the endocrine glands. within the fourth century
jasper because the bearer of a nice flood is known. jasper and therefore the types of
assistance may be given :
leopard skin jasper is to administer folks what they wish.
poppy jasper helps to bring happiness in life.
opalite jasper will assist you sleep soundly.
jasper chocolate female hormone function and facilitate overcome the uncertainty.
inexperienced jasper is serving to tiny bowel function, stop constipation, reduces the
pressure on the wounds of the intestine and therefore the stomach to fight, however also
back stress / depression is severe or increase a positive mental angle.
red jasper job balancing the stomach and pancreas, will
increase energy and
provides protection against external pressures

• lapis lazuli

lapis helps us to know themselves higher and to
broaden perspectives. it additionally helps the inability of the leadership accept
somebody else. if you build a selection between conscience and reason, providing
wisdom and honesty. in step with legend, the layer protects the wearer from
evil forces. a remedy for the melancholic soul, and generally fever and
strengthen the body throughout the expertise of spiritual consciousness.

• moonstone

moonstone is this balance yin / yang, the regulation of
pituitary function, clarification and strengthening of the senses. additionally helps
folks cut
back less sensitive / responsive to themselves and others (the self).
in india,
moonstone stone valued as sacred / holy. it's suspected that bring a better
future. legend says that moonstone is a really precious gift for lovers as it
would arouse passion and tenderness sometimes because the stone of love and affection
to make.

• onyx

onyx and sardonyx helps to coordinate the body, protecting
against the bad influence of the encircling and uncontrollable. black onyx is
used to modification a foul habit. mexican onyx (white and brown chalcedony) facilitate to
sleep. sard is protective against magic or witchcraft. it additionally be sharpened
sense of humor of the wearer.

• opal

opal used to that means of serving to the individual has the
ability to love, share and strengthen the mental stability. the arabs believed
that opals fell from the sky, as a group of pulses from that opal was the color
of hearth. opal is an ancient symbol of honesty and trust thought-about. opal is a
powerful in ritual magic. cause quality opal contains each color of the stone
of birth could be used or full of energy and strength from a combination of all
the birth stones, the stones are additionally used, mentioned for the opposite birth
among the spell or replace magic rituals for different purposes. typically associated
with the virtual nature, and astral projection is additionally past lives (each color
represents a life from the past to remember). opal has the ability to heal,
particularly on intellectual skills like inventive imagination to increase the
power of the thoughts that others haven't been used. opal credible in terms of
health will facilitate the method of assimilation of proteins. hearth opal is used
typically worn in fundraising activities for the needy, sometimes as a pendant with a
gold necklace, surrounded by 10-12 diamond, is believed to be the power, money,
have giant collection. black opal could be a tool of selection witch / magician, is
used to increase the acceptance of magic / witchcraft and show them their
strengths. black opals close to the guts sort of a necklace created of gold worn and should
be carried out demons solid shield the protection of individuals against the evil
eye and travelers on their means to distant places. opal was additionally used as a magic
potion to cure the body to expel bad dreams and as a suggests that to increase energy
efficiency. white opal, when used at night, when the full moon ritual, said
that bringing the power of the goddess of the moon to wear for the folks who
run it. opal is terribly popular within the middle ages, when ophthalmios
"or" eye stone "due to the widespread belief that the opal is
useful for the vision sensor and diseases of the eye. furry treat blonde woman
sporting a necklace of opal, from loss of hair color shield. black opal is
terribly respected as a lucky stone.

• pearl

pearls facilitate one to know themselves higher and to
improve self-esteem. pearl makes the wearer will feel the love folks to give
these pearls and enhance femininity. different uses that facilitate the formation of
antibodies and helps fight infection and to educate the inability of a person
to another.

• peridot

peridot can facilitate ensure that somebody will build the dream a
reality. legend has it that pirates love peridot protects the power of darkness
/ demons. if peridot with gold alloy
(gold), protects the wearer against terrors of the night. health, peridot help
function of the adrenal glands, providing a balance of physical energy and
helps folks who do too typically emotional tension / stress.

• quartz

quartz is for the balance, increase energy use, combating
negative thinking, eliminate bad habits and a range of healing. quartz also
overcome feelings of rejection reaction or by an individual. quartz could be a colorless
crystal was formed, was used by meteorologists to be seen since the middle ages
and into the longer term. receive kinds of quartz, will assist you, is :
druze quartz : to assist somebody with the abilities to the matter (they have is to
perceive a deep understanding)
quartz : cut
back the negative means of thinking for themselves.
smokey quartz / quartz chocolate : emotional support
white quartz / quartz-white : improving self-esteem.

• rose quartz

rose quartz is employed to feelings for somebody, balance to open
heart and an apology / forgiveness. rose quartz is additionally believed to carry the
skin and to beat a severe inferiority adolescent.

• ruby

ruby is to open his heart to love, overcoming worry, ugly and
unloved and eliminate the shortage of happiness. ruby is additionally used for the
protection of sensitive behaviors and therefore the prevention of deviant behavior (in
order stop the onset of schizophrenia). in step with ancient legend, is
ready to mix ruby / reconcile lovers.

• sapphire

sapphire will free the mind, increase peace, happiness, and
increase the motivation and which means in life orientation. king sapphire around
their neck as a strong defense against the threat (from danger). this stone
protects the wearer from feeling envious and build them feel closer to god stone
is believed that a few folks, they need no probability of the goal / finish to help
feel higher. sapphire will enhance the health of potassium, magnesium, calcium
and therefore the release of depression.

• topaz

topaz is employed to feature strength, prevention of diseases of the
kidneys and therefore the bladder. ancient stone carved eagle used to categorical topaz manuk
to the goodwill of kings, queens and captains. the greeks believed that topaz
gives strength. topaz helps the feeling of anger (on the emotions to calm down
once more to overcome) and shield against outside pressure.

• tourmaline
tourmaline is employed stop the occurrence of lymphatic tissue disease and
anemia. additionally used to boost the success and results. pink tourmaline for the
protection and improvement of balance in girls, and inexperienced tourmaline improve
the balance in men. in step with legend, the user of the risks and lack of
happiness are going to be warned.

• turquoise

turquoise facilitate folks begin a
brand new business activity. can
warn the wearer of the risk / disease that attacks with its modification of color. in
the thirteen turquoise century is said to fall to the institution shield,
particularly from a horse. additionally used to relax the body to beat confuse,
mental health, calm the emotions. the indians believed that if turquoise was
recorded during a bow, the arrows shot missed the target. additionally believed to bring
luck and happiness.

• zircon

the zircon crystal is employed for a range of healing. zircon
helps build peace with itself and to increase to cope with negative feelings
or feelings of frustration and positive behaviors. makes the wearer more
thoughtful, respectable and wealthy. loss of light-weight and brilliance of zircon is
said to warn of the risks for the owners